Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gittin' bold, gittin' blogged

So a couple of months ago I remember vehemently telling my good friend Carrie that I did not want to jump on the recent blog bandwagon. But, here I am now, tail between my legs, blogging away.

What happened?????

I don't know really. I didn't want to create something that felt like it didn't have any direction behind it, BUT...I was excited about something with some structure that focused on my favorite things...

and urban homesteading.

Yes, please feel free to start throwing flaxseed, hemp-infused granola my way (just make sure it's from Bloomingfoods, ok??).

For a really good blog on these topics, you should actually visit Anything that makes it onto my blog represents elementary proficiency and patience.

In the meantime, I need to go make something up to post on this blog.

Adios mis amigos, hermanos y hermanas.

p.s. The title from this blog comes from a recent foray in chicken catching at a friend's family farm. To get the crates of chickens in the trailer correctly, we were told to put the red crates in first, the white crates in second, and the turkey crates in last., white, and turkey. Try that out for patriotism Betsy Ross.