Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Extreme home makeover

Now that winter is officially here (in my book that is when it first snows, which was Nov. 10th, ugh), I think it's time for a little retrospective, if you will. This all began in February.

A little bit of before, and a little bit of after:
Original back of house

Not done, but getting close.
This is the best photo of the original east side of the house that I could find.
New east side
Kitchen window.
Best I could find of the west side of the house. At least you get an idea of what things were like up-close-and-personal.

New west side of house.

Original front of the house. This pick was taken when we were house trolling, before we even bought it. See the For Sale sign in the bottom right corner?

New front! The door and the white brick still need to be painted, but everything else is finished! Tim had the honor of painting the last pieces of siding at the very top.
The only full house pic that we have. We've come a loooooong way.

Did this all really just happen? Although there are several small outside projects we still hope to finish before old man winter completely settles in, I feel confident saying we are halfway through our project.  Ok, maybe more like 45%, but who's crunching numbers anyways?